Register Gigantic Duck ID

Save your account with Gigantic Duck ID

Setting up a Gigantic Duck ID is easy. When logging in, a verification code is sent to your email address. No need to memorize passwords.

You can sign up for a Gigantic Duck ID in the shop or game’s settings. Just tap the ”Gigantic Duck ID” button to get started.


Enter your email address and click on "Register".

Enter the verification code you received in your email inbox.

And all done! Your account is now connected to your Gigantic Duck ID.

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    • About Gigantic Duck ID

      Gigantic Duck ID allows you to safeguard your game account and easily log in to your account on all your devices. Register a Gigantic Duck ID for all of your game accounts to easily switch between them. When logging in, a verification code is sent to ...
    • How to keep your account safe

      Save your account using Gigantic Duck ID​ Linking your account to Gigantic Duck ID can save you from potentially losing all your progress. Please make sure your account is saved using Gigantic Duck ID before changing devices. Do not try to sell your ...
    • Recover lost account

      If you have lost access to your Bombergrounds account and it was not saved using Gigantic Duck ID, we may be able to help you recover it. In order to help you recover it, we require that you provide some information related to the account including a ...
    • Request your personal data

      Upon receiving a request, we will provide you a copy of your personal data in an electronic format. We require that the account whose data you wish to receive is connected to Gigantic Duck ID. We will then send the data to the email address ...
    • How to reinstall the game?

      If you are experiencing crashes or bugs, reinstalling the game might help. Before you start, make sure that you have saved your account using Gigantic Duck ID before uninstalling the game, or you may lose access to your account. Follow these steps in ...